What Does Your Future Look Like?

What’s up my friends!

So in my first post I talked about how I decided I was going to take a year off from school and look into different opportunities for myself.

Well one of the reasons I did this was because during my last school year, one of the questions I would hear from my teachers, parents , older cousins EVERYONE!


“What does your future look like?”

For most of my friends, the answer to this question was already mapped out to perfection.

Go to a good college, for at least 4 years. get their degree and then go work a good job for the next 40 to 50 years.

honestly, just typing this out puts me to sleep.

I am not trying to be rude, but come on man! there has got to be a better option!

This is what really left me to look for other options and eventually want to take my GAP year.

You see..

as a kid, this is what I saw my parents do.

They went to work, every day, and that was that.

There was really no end to it. for me, this is something that I really didn’t want to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my parents. I love that they did their absolute best for me every single day.

And with the business, there was times when there was money for extra things, but a lot of times, it was just enough to make ends meet.

I did see the struggle. I saw when it was the end of the month, and my mom in the kitchen with the stack of bills and the look on her face of frustration.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand what was happening, but as I got older, and started understanding more about life, and how money really controls a lot of things you can or cannot do.

Now let me explain something, I’m not saying that money is everything, but it is important. anyone that says things like “money is the root of all evil” are usually broke. and this is something that I never want to be.

I know money isn’t the only thing that should dictate your happiness, I know this..

But I also know that when you have money, the stress levels of everyday life is MUCH LOWER.

So my question to you is this..

What does your future look like? Are you 100% happy with what you are doing? If not, why are you doing it? That might seem very aggressive but my friends, this is your life we are talking about!

We only get one.

Is possibly working at a job or career “just to pay the bills” what you want to spend the next 5-10 years doing?

If not, do something about it.

I know I am. Right now I don’t think going to college is the best thing for me

Does reading this make you nervous? It should, it’s probably something that you are not used to.

Embrace the fear and do it anyway.

Whatever the first step might be, take it.

Trust me, you will thank me for it!

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